The summer holiday has arrived once again, and what blissful days these are – no school run, timetables or manic sporting activities. Whilst some languish in the thought of luxurious pampered bliss, I head directly to the book store to choose two books; one in which to escape... and one from which to cook.



My passion lies in the kitchen so a seductive location is one which boasts its own cooking facilities, preferably one with a thoughtfully stocked kitchen, to boot. Local shops, markets, food and the producers are my key to an appreciation and understanding of any new or temporary surroundings. Exploratory sojourns in search of indigenous ingredients and fresh produce, which even in familiar places there are enticing discoveries awaiting.


But, not forgetting nearby eateries to further highten sensory pleasures. Scrupulously examine the Chef’s interpretations of his home terrain and produce, jotting down notes to study later. Then follow in his footsteps, developing ones own vision and style. How sweet the tapestry of life is, the offering of instant gratification as we continually learn new things each day.





To supplement this culinary furor I recommend a trusty kitchen companion - one which harbours colourful, vibrant ideas requiring the least possible effort to reproduce mouthwatering results. An accomplice with which to prepare sophisticated simplicity whether travelling afar or simply creating a luscious summertime semblance at home.

My Summer 2009 chaperon is Bill Granger's Every Day. Though now a couple of seasons old, this book with its delightful photography retains its panache – gorgeous modern, relaxed eating and entertaining.

Statistically, we cook just 2 or 3 recipes from each cookery book we buy – a staggering thought but, worry not a dot. Since Every Day has been in my kitchen I have cooked, cooked and ...cooked from its wide range of recipes. This is pure sunshine food at its best - divine breakfasts, lunch, dinner, fish, drinks, afternoon treats, vivid salads...I’m tempted to say it has got the lot!



Bill’s picnic lunch is one of my favourites – Crispy Chicken Fingers (leftovers freeze beautifully), White Bean, Tuna and Lemon Salad followed by Peach and Raspberry slice. The slice is so simple to make (almost everything in the bowl together), perfectly moist and juicy to round off a scrumptious feast. Likewise Spaghetti with Fish, Chilli and Parsley for an easy midweek dinner or his LA Burger with Sweet Potato Fries, Half-Shelled Scallops with Garlic and Parsley Breadcrumbs or Minted Courgette Fritters.

I know I have used these words many times before but, truly the measure of a successful cookery book is to try out recipes. Courtesy of Murdoch Books, I am delighted to present a selection which I and my family have thoroughly enjoyed – I promise you won’t be dsappointed!



Every Day by Bill Granger

Published by Murdoch Books Ltd. Price GBP 19.99

Photography by Petrina Tinslay

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