Steaks for Blokes

peppered steak with a touch of ginger

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  • - any cut but sirloin and rump work well
  • sliced
  • - teaspoon
  • powder - a splatter
  • powder - another splatter
  • sauce - a splash
  • of butter - knob size depends on the size of steak (to be cooked)

Steaks for Blokes Directions

  1. 1) Crush peppercorns in pestle and mortar
  2. 2) Add garlic, paprika and ginger - crush and mix together, to a course mix
  3. 3) Add the worcestershire sauce in order to bind it together, not wash it away
  4. 4) Lay steaks on a plate and rub in the compound you have just made - cover lightly on both sides. If using two steaks rub the steaks together.
  5. 5) Once done cover the steaks in clingfilm and leave for half an hour or so - time to open a beer and clear up the mess you have made.
  6. 6) Heat pan to melt your knob of butter, but don not over- heat. A big mistake with steak is trying to make the pan too hot before adding the steaks.
  7. 7) Once the butter has melted add the steaks in the pan and make sure they are covered with the butter.
  8. 8) Depending on how you like the steaks I would recommend 4 minutes per side, turning  twice - but if unsure, cut with a knife.
  9. 9) When finished it is VITAL to leave the steaks to rest for about 10 mins - again time for that second beer and clean up the further mess you would have been accused of making.
  10. 10) Enjoy the steaks - naturally if you want to add new potatoes, beans etc, be my guest!

  11. Use fresh steaks from the butcher