Laver With Mashed Potato

Laverbread adds a unique savoury flavour to this two-potato mash and is a delicious accompaniment to a warming casserole.

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  • 225 g Parsons laverbread
  • 225 g mashed sweet potato
  • 225 g mashed potato
  • 50 g soured cream or 25 g butter
  • of half a lemon
  • and pepper to taste

Laver With Mashed Potato Directions

  1. 1. Potatoes can be boiled or baked (baked is best). Skin and mash potatoes with the butter or soured cream.
  2. 2. Butter an oven-proof dish and proceed to put a layer of potato, then a layer of laver, layer of potato, layer of laver etc., until the dish is full.
  3. 3. Top with potato. Heat in the oven and then place under a hot grill until the potato is brown on top.